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Sandwich Panels, Aluminum and Thermoplastics honeycombs and Foams

Панели с покрытием из стекловолокна

Панели с покрытием из стекловолокна



This sandwich panels have a honeycomb core in aluminium, bonded to two skins of glass fiber fabric impregnated with a high tenacity epoxy resin. This panels are characterized by high flexural strenth and good resistance to medium temperatures.


The -STEP series panels are applied mainly in the stone sector, as support and reinforcement for marble and natural stones, or mosaics and in the restoration sector as reinforcement. Due to their lightness and high mechanical properties, these panels can be used both in buildings interiors, as marble or stone support for floors and worktop surfaces, and as boats and mega yacht interiors.


The -STEP series panels are purchased by marble workers and art galleries as a support for their wokrs.

We are proud to say that Disney has created some of its beautiful mosaics using CEL COMPONENTS sandwich panels. 


In the -STEP series, ALUSTEP F and ALUSTEP FN panels have obtained the MED naval certification, according to FTP code 2010, mod. B and D. Regarding to the railway sector, in compliance with EH 45545-2 requirements, owr panels have achieved HL2 classification for walls and false ceilings (R1 and R2), and HL3 for floors (R10).






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