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Sandwich Panels, Aluminum and Thermoplastics honeycombs and Foams

Sandwich panels for suspended ceilings and walls

Lightweight, but extraordinary rigidity. Refined aesthetic finishes and mechanical characteristics in order to foster acoustic insulation and air conditioning of internal environments. Also available large panels for modules.

Soundproofing aluminium panels improve the room acoustic, greately decreasing the riverberation levels. The perforated surfaces allow the panel to be used as part of an air based clima-acoustic system, as air can pass throug while sound waves get blocked by a nonwoven textyle inserted in between the layers.

Stiffness, lightness and variable dimentions are three main winning features that make this acoustic panel ideal in case of special requirements in terms of space, weight and acoustic.

The lightweight, acoustic-climatized panels have been designed with the purpose of reducing noise while improving ventilation. By combining these features, we aim on improving health and hygiene of indoor spaces, while providing a complete system, easy to apply and transport.

The perforated panels come in different colours and sizes up to 2m x 6m length.

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